Fishing for More Than Just Fish!

Blankbuddies, in cahoots with Hobo Hooks, isn’t merely about casting lines and catching fish. We’re in the business of casting lifelines and catching smiles. We blend the serene act of fishing with a dash of community spirit, creating a potent brew that celebrates not just the catch but also camaraderie, conservation, and mental well-being.

Here's What We're All About:

All Ages Onboard: Our workshops embrace everyone, from the young enthusiasts eager to make their first catch, to our older and differently-abled members who have many a fish tale to share. After all, fishing tales become more fabulous with age!
Youthful Zeal: Navigating adolescence can be as tricky as navigating high seas. By teaching them the art and patience of fishing, we offer a wholesome distraction, skills for life, and a tether to nature's calming embrace.
Dive Deep with Marine Education: Catching fish is only half the story; understanding our finned friends and their watery home completes the tale. We take pride in acquainting our community with the vibrant marine world beneath the waves.
Beach Bashes and Clean-Up Sashes: Our beach clean-up drives are a party with a purpose. As we keep our beaches pristine, we also make lasting memories and friendships.
Mental Wellness: Mental health is as crucial as a sturdy fishing rod. By weaving in relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and therapeutic activities, we ensure the well-being of our buddies.
Therapeutic Fishing Retreats: Need a break? Join our retreats, where the sound of lapping waves, the thrill of the catch, and the camaraderie of fellow fisherfolk serve as the perfect antidote to life’s chaos.
Eco-Crusaders: Blankbuddies and Hobo Hooks go beyond the rod and reel. We advocate for marine conservation, sustainable fishing, and love for all things aquatic.
Sponsored by: We're proudly sponsored by the tackle shop Odessa. Click to explore their amazing range of fishing gear and more!

With Blankbuddies and Hobo Hooks, you're signing up for more than just a fishing trip. It's a joyride of learning, community bonding, and a dollop of eco-fun. Whether you’re here for the fish, the friendships, or the feel-good factor, we promise to reel you into a world where fun meets purpose.

Feeling the tug on the line? Join our vibrant community. Let’s make waves together! And for those keen on diving deeper, do reach out here. 🎣🌊🎉