Kids Fishing Workshop 🌟10+

🌊 Dive into an ocean of excitement and embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure! 🐟

Join Steve from famed HoboHooks™, our experienced guide, for an educational journey into the world of fishing, where your kids will learn essential skills and have a blast. 🎣 Steve is deeply passionate about imparting the art of fishing to the younger generation, ensuring they carry forward the traditions and respect for the marine world.

Rest assured, we prioritize safety, and all safety measures will be followed to ensure your kids are in good hands.

Parents are also welcome to stay and enjoy themselves while their young anglers learn the art of fishing. Your kids will discover:

💰 Just £15 per Session (3 Hours): An affordable and unforgettable fishing experience for your kids!

Please note: Steve, our guide, has an enhanced DBS check and years of fishing expertise.

So, equip your young anglers with sunglasses, round up their friends, and let's make a splash in the world of fishing! 🏄‍♀️ Don't miss out on this opportunity to ignite their passion for angling. 🌊🐚

Fishing equipment is supplied on request.

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Fishing Rig Crafting Workshop 🌟10+/16+

🎣 Dive deep into the artistry of rig-making and reel in the best catches! 🌊

Join Steve our seasoned angler and rig specialist, for a hands-on workshop in fishing rig design and creation. Your teens will acquire invaluable skills and share in the thrill of crafting their own fishing rigs. Steve is devoted to passing down the art of rig crafting, ensuring the next generation of anglers can set up like the pros.

We're committed to safety, and you can trust that your teens are in expert hands.

Parents are invited to stay and witness the magic as their teens delve into the detailed world of rig crafting. Your youngsters will learn:

💰 Only £15 per Session (2 Hours): An immersive rig crafting experience that's worth every penny!

Note: Steve, our rig master, has an enhanced DBS check and years of fishing rig expertise under his belt.

Note: We use plastic hooks for the 10+ workshops

So, gather your aspiring anglers, prep their tackle boxes, and dive into the meticulous world of fishing rig crafting! 🌊🎣 Don't miss this chance to elevate their angling acumen.

All rig-making materials will be provided for the workshop.

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