Fishing Seasons

Spring Season (March to May)

- Species: Bass, Bream, Plaice
- Tips: During spring, bass and bream become more active as the waters warm up. Use shrimp, crab, or sandworm as bait for bream, and try lures that mimic small fish for bass. Plaice can also be found in sandy areas, so use ragworm or lugworm as bait.

Summer Season (June to August)

- Species: Mackerel, Smoothhound, Wrasse
- Tips: Summer is a great time for mackerel fishing, as they are abundant near the surface. Use small lures or feathers to attract them. Smoothhounds are also active during the warmer months, so use squid or crab as bait. Wrasse can be found near rocky areas, so focus your efforts there with crab or shrimp as bait.

Autumn Season (September to November)

- Species: Bass, Cod, Pollock
- Tips: Bass continue to be active in autumn, and using live bait like shrimp or small fish can yield good results. Cod fishing becomes more productive as the waters cool down, so try using squid, mackerel, or herring as bait. Pollock can still be found near rocky structures, and they are attracted to fast-moving lures.

Winter Season (December to February)

- Species: Cod, Conger Eel, Thornback Ray
- Tips: Winter is the prime time for cod fishing, especially in deeper waters and wrecks. Use whole fish, mackerel, or squid as bait. Conger eels are nocturnal, so consider fishing at night with whole fish or squid as bait. Thornback rays are also active during winter and can be found in sandy or muddy areas, so use squid, mackerel, or sandeel as bait.

All-Year-Round Species

- Species: Flounder, Garfish, Grey Mullet, Tope
- Tips: Flounder can be caught throughout the year in shallow waters with bait like shrimp or small fish. Garfish are surface feeders and can be attracted with small lures or float rigs. Grey mullet are often found in estuaries and harbors, so use bread, shrimp, or sandworm as bait. Tope can be caught year-round, but they prefer deeper waters, and using whole fish, mackerel, or squid as bait can be effective.